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CycloTricity-Beast 1500W

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Cyclotricity have recently released their first dual suspension electric bike. These models are powered with pedaling assist system, as well as a throttle addition available for £39.99 – a 1500W motor, with maximum speed at 50km/h.  The Beast looks like a rugged off road model at a very affordable price but lets see what its like on the road!

First thoughts

On paper this bike is quite the achievement offering a 16AH battery with a 1500W motor. A full suspension bike at under £2000 is pretty good but Cyclotricity have gone even further and entered the e-mountain bike market starting at £1699.99.

With mid range Shimano Altus 9sp gearing, Tektro Hydrailic disc brakes, a sealed bottom bracket system. The largest sacrifice that seems to have been made for the price point is the basic suspension set-up. All in all it seems to offer a fantastic spec for the price point . It is also a very good starting point for future upgrades for more extreme off-roading!

The ride- Beast 1500W

So we first test our bikes in quite a large privately owned area meaning we were quite excited to try the 1500W power level. It has some kick! It was tons of fun! But we did notice how quick this depleted the battery.  We got roughly 18miles of play. Luckly Cyclotriciy sent us a spare 16Ah battery for testing.

Out on the road the 250W mode works well but the rear suspension does make it drag a little. It is pretty easy to see this as a bike for fun off road not on it. That being said the battery did last a lot longer for 35 miles.

The feel of the bike is in keep with its price point and could not be described as premium. To improve the build, we would suggest a wider handle bar depending on your riding style. Off road it preformed very well as it weight kept it firmly planted on the ground.

Overall Verdict

Seeing a full suspension e-bike at this price point is fantastic but it would be great to see Cyclotricity produce a higher spec option. A little birdy has told us that they will be releasing a 250W/500w mid drive version before the end of the year.

Overall we would say this is a great first e-mountain bike at a fantastic price point for the thrill-seekers!

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