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Those extras needed to get the most out of your ride.

Standard equipment available for cyclists usually falls into the following categories- helmets, clothing and lights. Here we have a look at those add-ons among others, , that can enhance your ride.

Not always available as standard, bike mirrors are an added safety feature that do not have to cost the earth. With the ability to fit the end of most types of bars and handles. The convex Zefal Spy mirror (RRP £10.99) can also be fitted to the headset and frame with the supplied rubber strap making it more practical.
Also available is the M:Part  adjustable mirror with two size options and resembles a car rear view mirror (RRP £17.99). This is designed for fitting to the headtube making it ideal for head down road bikes.


 Bike tech brand Cateye have expanded their range with the Orb bar end light set. With a weight of 20g each, they are barely felt once fitted. The 2 x2032 set included power the lights for up to 100 hours and have three modes to catch the eye of passing road users. RRP£19.99.
 If black isn’t for you then the silver Merak lights by Moon have five modes and are also powered by 2 x 2032 batteries supplied. They are lightweight too-  2grams lighter than the Orbs.
 Snoods/ Headwear
Another option in the clothing range for cyclists are neck warmers.

A versatile tube of cloth, great for chilly autumn morning rides before the temperature climbs into double figures. The Endura Singletrack Multitube comes in four different colour combinations and can be worn as a neck tube, mask ( for commuting ), bandana, skullcap etc. The polyester used in the construction makes it fast wicking to draw away sweat. RRP £11.99.

For colder weather there is the Buff Merino wool headwear. Made from 100% Merino wool it keeps you hot when it’s cool out and cool when it’s hot out. Being soft, odour resistant, water repellent and offering UV protection comes at a price, with an RRP of £22 it’s not cheap but it is worth it.

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