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Are you looking for an e-Bike under £1000? Find out below what you can get for your money.

£1000 is a relatively small amount of money to spend on an eBike. Many consumer articles out there would tell you that you need to spend significantly more, but the truth is that some ranges offer a quality product at a great value price point.

To build an eBike under £1000, manufacturers can trim extras that increase the costs. This means bikes can bet limited in some respects, but with careful consideration you can find something to fit your budget without compromising on safety and quality.

What to watch out for

Ebike Motors

EBikes in this price bracket will almost always use a 250W road legal hub motor. You should expect a 36V, brushless motor if you’re looking at the upper end of the range. Some may have 24V motors – these are under-powered and won’t perform as well, so stick with 36V systems.

Front and rear drive motors are available but bear in mind front motors are easier to use because you do not need to play with the drive train of the bike.


Expect between 7-9 amp hours. This means a 36V motor this should give you roughly 25 miles. If you need to go further without recharging, you will need a upgraded battery.

Most dealers will offer upgrades, but it will increase the price dramatically. Remember the battery is the most expensive part of an eBike! So the higher the battery spec, the more value you are getting for your money.

 Available eBikes under £1000:

Elysium Aura 250W 7Ah-£549.99

Elysium Aura- Bike

This lovely eBike may well provide the best value on our list. The Elysium has a steel frame which can make it a little heavy, but you do get great value for money on this style-  6sp shimano gearing, 36V front drive motor and  front suspension are all as standard on the basic model.

Available to purchase from  eBikeFactory-  a factory direct company, meaning no middle men or hidden charges. These bikes come with a range of colours and battery options to choose from. The Elysium has been undiscovered in the market as of late. To find out what we thought have a read of our review here- Aura ebike review


The main benefit of the Powacycle has to be its 13ah battery. Although, it is a 24V motor which we tend to be averse to here at Electric Transport. While not as visually impressive as some other bikes on the list, it does offer a lot of distance in regards of value for money. This, in combination with its lower powered 200W motor means if  it’s longer distance between charging you are after the Salisbury is a contender.

The drawback of this model is its lack of power therefore if hills are an issue you may want to carry on down the list.

B’Twin Elops 900 E — £999

B'Twin ebike under £1000

This bike sits at the very top of our price point. The frame is tidy with internal cabling and an incorporated light. Its rear wheel and conventional straight back  style of riding makes for a comfortable ride similar to a dutch styled bike but it does not offer the ease of use of a step-through frame.

Claiming  45-mile maximum range from its 36V 11.6 Amp-hour battery is a bold one. A simple maths calculation will reveal that this is impossible. Not unless you ride with absolute minimum electric assist. 

Cyclotricity Sahara 17 Ah— £949.99

Cyclotricity Sahara 17Ah-ebike under £1000

This step-through city bike from Cyclotricity is fitted with a front hub motor and a 17Ah battery –  by far the biggest battery available in this price range. You also get a dashboard controller with a speedometer, which is unusual at this price: normally you’d expect a simple mode change and battery level display. This e-bike is also built in Britian (which makes us somewhat biased).

The transmission is Shimano 6-speed derailleur gears, and there’s a chain case to stop your smart clothes getting mucky. There’s a TopGun suspension fork at the front and the V-brakes are from Tektro. You get mudguards and a rack too, and even LED lights. If you are looking for a high spec eBike at a competitive price, this may well be the right choice.

Elysium Relay Electric Mountain Bike – £699

Elysium hasn’t been in the industry for long, but is easily climbing up the ranks in terms of value for money. The company offer a range of budget ebikes and this original Relay model was one of the most popular ones in the range. 

The frame is solid and durable enough, being entirely built from steel there is some weight concerns weighing just under 47 lb (21 kg). But it easily makes up for it with its battery spec and 36V motor system.
Other than that it really stands out with its MTB style. 

Our round up

For  value for money it has to be the Elysuim Aura. A beautiful eBike with a range of added features, it offers so much more compared to other models in this price bracket. A range of colours are available, and there are equivalent Mountain Bike styles from the stockist too. We love to feel and the ease of use of the Aura, a fantastic way to get on your eBike!

How to Get the Best Value Electric Bike for Under $1000

E-bikes are incredible, and with all the pros at present being made about e-bikes, you may be thinking about to get one. However, do you truly need to purchase an e-bikes when you can change over your current bicycle by simply spending quarter the sum you need to pay for a fresh out of the box new e-bike conversion kit? Indeed, Absolutely YES! Regardless of whether you ride a mixture bicycle, trail blazing bicycle, or a street bicycle, there is various approaches to charge your bicycle and evacuate those barricades and difficulties that numerous individuals face with customary bicycles. So all you gotta do is supplant a fueled wheel either with the front or back wheel of your current bicycle or in the event that not the wheel, at that point append a drive unit to the base section of your bicycle and you can begin zooming up those slopes. Really simple right! That’s all you need to do to change over your current bicycle into the best value electric bike with Electric Bike Conversion kit. Front Motor E-bike Conversion Kit The front center point engine is the least complex and the most straightforward approach to change over your typical bicycle into an e-bike with the help of e-bike conversion kit. Right now bicycle change, you should simply supplant the front wheel with the mechanized wheel, and the remainder of the bicycle remains precisely equivalent to previously. More often than not a front wheel change pack includes a front wheel with a center point engine, a battery, and speed controller, electric brake handles to remove any power while braking, a LCD show board, and throttle which is either a turn throttle or a thumb throttle. Additionally with front center point engines you could conceivably get a pedal help sensor, so you do need to pay special mind to this element. Back Motor Electric Bike Conversion kit A back center engine is viewed as somewhat better than the front wheel transformation pack since it furnishes you with more control and footing when you push that throttle. Additionally, practically all the producers that are building electric bicycles include a back center point engine except if it’s a trail blazing bicycle. Back wheel electric transformation pack includes a back wheel with the center point engine which goes unnoticed since it looks a lot of like a larger than usual customary bicycle center point. It additionally incorporates a battery, speed controller, electric brakes, a LCD show board, throttle, and practically all the back wheel change units come in with a pedal help. Summing up this article converting an old bicycle into e-bike is easy to go and DIY project, what you need is e-bike conversion kit, available in e-bikes shop. So go ahead and gift yourself a path towards fitness.

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