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Elysium Aura Ladies ebike

Elysium Aura Ladies ebike, best value electric bike, 30 mph electric bike uk

Fantastic Value, Elegant Style with a Comfortable Ride
Verdict: 5/5

Who is it for?

The Elysium Aura ladies eBike is designed with a step through frame, making it the perfect option anyone who wants an easily accessible e-bike. This style is often found in the Netherlands and as such is known as a Dutch bike.
The adjustable stem, swept back handlebars, ergo (ergonimic) grips, short reach from seat to bar and padded saddle make this bike ideal for short trips around town or along quiet towpaths. These additional features are proof of the fantastic value of this model- they usually are  on bikes at a much higher price points.

Elysium Aura ladies ebike Green
Elysium Aura ebike-Green -£549.99
What are the benefits?

The large ( 28″) wheels along with the hybrid tyres allowing the bike to roll well on roads and cycle paths, meaning you can ride over obstacles with relative ease and when you get up to speed it feels smooth and stable.

The bike comes with six gears on the rear wheel, and along with the 250w motor to make short work of small climbs. A chain guard is fitted as standard to prevent laces or loose clothing from catching on the gears.
The Aura comes with a short travel suspension fork to take the sting out of any unexpected bumps. Along with the springy steel frame, this makes any trip more comfortable, not always a given on an eBikes!
The frame is available in a vibrant green, white or powder blue.  To compliment this the saddle and grips are a tan brown.

Elysium Aura ladies ebike- Bike
Elysium Aura ebike-Blue-£549.99

The rim brakes supplied are effective enough to stop the rider in all but the wettest conditions, and the fitted mudguards help when riding through puddles.
The 36v  7AH battery is fitted to a pannier rack at the rear of the bike giving the bike balance with the motored front wheel. You should expect roughly 25-35 miles of assistance from the battery.
The kickstand is strong enough to hold up the bike when not in use. Another great feature is the quick release seat clamp to adjust seating height, making it a breeze if someone else wants to borrows you Aura- a very likely occurrence we expect!

Would we recommend?
With a retail price of £549.99 you can’t go wrong with the Elysium Aura. This bike is for you who just want to have a casual ride. Perhaps not the best choice for a daily commuter, but the comfort and style set it apart and make it a joy to use. To see some other option and how it stacks up against other brands check out our:

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