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Here at Electric Transport we aim to make the world of eBikes a lot easier to navigate! 

Green Ladies ebike
Elysium Aura e-bike
Electric transport.org came from a simple idea –
“Where can I go to find a clear and simple guide to eBikes?”

And that’s what we have created, a hub for independent reviews, advice, news & anything eBIkes!. We aim to cover all price points and styles.
We truly believe eBikes are the most inclusive thing to happen to the cycling industry in decades, and provide economical and environmental solutions to many problems. As with any new product, information is key to make you feel comfortable with your purchase, and will will be reviewing electric cycles  from as low as £500.


This short film funded by Cyclotricity says it all-  electric bikes can change lives! We want to end the cycle(see what we did there) of confusing jargon-

So have a read make a choice and get out there!

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