Elysium Relay eBike

£699.99 Cyclotricity.com

The Elysium Relay mountain bike is fantastic value for money forthose wanting a low cost eBike for short commutes or forest tracks.

The Relay is built in a mountain bike style and first impressions are quite good, looks clean and not too bulky. In regards to the overall look and ride sensation, the steel frame gives an upright position in use and adds a level of flex and comfort not found in aluminium frames. The quick release seat clamp is a nod to more expensive off road bikes (easy to change position) and the seat itself is one of the more comfortable around.

The entry level model has a 250w front wheel motor and 9ah battery offering three levels of assistance, and a walk mode helpful for pushing it up those too-steep hills.
The V-brakes used are a big step forward in stopping power over the cantilever brakes once fitted to mountain bikes. Zoom suspension forks have 50mm of travel to take the sting out of potholes and minor off road bumps.
The 6 speed Shimano gears offer a fair spread for most and are swift to change.

When looking at the spec, it is apparent that the low cost is reflected in the choice of components fitted to the bike.

Although the components are perfectly acceptable they are not premium. Serious experienced riders will spend more on singular parts for optimum performance. As with all Cyclotricity models, the quality and build are the best around at this price point.

The brakes run on 26″ rimmed wheels- a popular size seen on many lower priced bikes, keeping parts and tyres easy to replace online if needed.

The tyres fitted on the Relay have a raised knobbly edge for cornering in loose surfaces. This, combined with the smooth centre tread, make the bike quieter on tarmac than a fully knobbly tyre. However This can cause a loss of traction , not ideal for bad weather riding.

For those wanting a low cost eBike for short commutes or forest tracks the Relay fits a gap in the market. With prices starting at £699.99 for a 250w build with 9ah battery, this bike is well below the maximum threshold for Ride to work scheme.